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Welcome to the homepage of OLD: A World of Warcraft guild situated on EU Sylvanas.

OLD are recruiting for Warlords of Draenor. If you are interested in further guild information, please scroll down the page. If you would like to join us, please fill out an application!
Hellfire Citadel
Archimonde Archimonde
Mannoroth Mannoroth
Xhul'horac Xhul'horac
Fel Lord Zakuun Fel Lord Zakuun
Tyrant Velhari Tyrant Velhari
Socrethar the Eternal Socrethar the Eternal
Shadow Lord Iskar Shadow Lord Iskar
Gorefiend Gorefiend
Kilrogg Deadeye Kilrogg Deadeye
Hellfire High Council Hellfire High Council
Kormrok Kormrok
Iron Reaver Iron Reaver
Hellfire Assault Hellfire Assault
Guild Information
OLD is a guild founded during TBC and originally from EU Shattered Halls. For Cataclysm we decided to start again on Sylvanas with the aim of rebuilding our guild for the casual, mature gamer.

We’re looking for fellow players, new or old to the game, who want to join a guild where there is no bolloxs, no rules that must be followed and no big brother watching over you.

We don't mind if you want to PvE, PvP or go fishing in your undies. All we ask is that when you're logged in you get involved in the chat and, most importantly of all, have a laugh.

We’re mature players (age 20+) and a lot of us are from the UK, but we’re open to recruitment for everyone.

Many of us enjoy raiding, the comedy pulls and the glory of downing new bosses, but our jobs, kids or PvP frolics mean we don’t have much time for it. Our current raid plan is to put together a raid each Wednesday and Sunday evenings. Raids run from 9pm to 11:30pm server time but if people need to leave early or join late then that can be accommodated with the current flexible raid sizes. No-one is obliged to raid, and some of us prefer just PvP or dungeons.

If you're new to the game, we'll help you. If you're super experienced and rich, we'll probably ask you to get the beers in. What we cannot offer you is a hardcore every-night raiding guild where you will gain a gazillion epics: we've been there before and now we're all about casual.

Does this sound like fun to you? If so, we would love to hear from you.

For more info, speak to any in game OLD members. If you’re already convinced, submit an app.

Tier 17
Blackrock Foundry
Blackhand kill
Blackrock Foundry
Blackhand Blackhand
The Iron Maidens The Iron Maidens
Operator Thogar Operator Thogar
Beastlord Darmac Beastlord Darmac
Kromog Kromog
Flamebender Ka'graz Flamebender Ka'graz
Hans'gar & Franzok Hans'gar & Franzok
Blast Furnace Blast Furnace
Gruul Gruul
Oregorger the Devourer Oregorger the Devourer
Imperator Mar'gok Imperator Mar'gok
Ko'ragh Ko'ragh
Twin Ogron Twin Ogron
Brackenspore Brackenspore
Tectus Tectus
The Butcher The Butcher
Kargath Bladefist Kargath Bladefist
Tier 16

Siege of Orgrimmar


10-man progression

Siege of Orgrimmar
Garrosh Hellscream Garrosh Hellscream
The Paragons of the Klaxxi The Paragons of the Klaxxi
Siegecrafter Blackfuse Siegecrafter Blackfuse
Thok the Bloodthirsty Thok the Bloodthirsty
The Spoils of Pandaria The Spoils of Pandaria
Molkorok Molkorok
General Nazgrim General Nazgrim
The Kor'kron Dark Shaman The Kor'kron Dark Shaman
Iron Juggernaut Iron Juggernaut
Galakras Galakras
Sha of Pride Sha of Pride
Norushen Norushen
The Fallen Protectors The Fallen Protectors
Immerseus Immerseus
Tier 15

The Thunder King

Ji-Kun HC

10-man progression

Throne of Thunder
Lei Shen Lei Shen
Twin Consorts Twin Consorts
Iron Qon Iron Qon
Dark Animus Dark Animus
Primordius Primordius
Durumu the Forgotten Durumu the Forgotten
Ji-Kun Ji-Kun
Megaera Megaera
Tortos Tortos
Council of Elders Council of Elders
Horridon Horridon
Jin'rokh the Breaker Jin'rokh the Breaker
Tier 14

Mists of Pandaria


10-man progression

Terrace of Endless Spring
Sha of Fear Sha of Fear
Lei Shi Lei Shi
Tsulong Tsulong
Protectors Protectors
Heart of Fear
Grand Empress Shek'zeer Grand Empress Shek'zeer
Amber-Shaper Un'Sok Amber-Shaper Un'Sok
Wind Lord Mel'Jarak Wind Lord Mel'Jarak
Garalon Garalon
Blade Lord Ta'Yak Blade Lord Ta'Yak
Vizier Zor'Lok Vizier Zor'Lok
Mogu'Shan Vaults
Will of the Emperor Will of the Emperor
Elegon Elegon
The Spirit Kings The Spirit Kings
Gara'Jal Gara'Jal
Feng Feng
The Stone Guard The Stone Guard